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Analyzers Division

Analyzing & Sampling Solutions by Behbood Farayand Group

All highly accurate metering systems require high quality measurement tools in the category of sampling and analyzer instruments to provide a comprehensive view of the process Fluid characteristics. Integration of these measuring tools into the system is the key solution to reach maximum possible accuracy in the desired application, whether it is stand alone or mounted into any specific System itself.

Behbood Farayand Group is your one stop supplier for Analysis instruments and Sampling Systems for Process industry from reputable manufacturers in variety of categories including:

  • Density Measurement Systems
  • Oil in water Analyzers
  • BS&W Analyzers
  • Water Cut Meters
  • Viscosity Meters
  • Vapor Pressure Analyzers
  • Chromatograph Systems

Other type of analysis equipment in the field of Water & Waste Water Industry include:

  • Monochloramine Measuring Systems
  • Free Chlorine Measuring Systems
  • Total Chlorine Analyzers
  • PH, OPP, Conductivity, Turbidity. Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers
  • High-temperature TOC analyzers
  • Continuous real-time wet-chemical TOC Analyzers
  • Nutrients Measuring Systems
  • Metals Colorimetric Analyzers
  • Water Samplers

Our Engineering Team will follow up complete project steps from initial Design & instrument selection up to Final integration and Installation.

Behbood Farasahel Pars (Blue Behbood)

 Behbood Farasahel Pars Co.(BlueBehbood ) as a subsidiary of BehBood Farayand Control (BFC) group is dedicated to provide solutions in maritime and offshore disciplines by the mean of EPCI+F contractor and supplier.

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