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Pump & Compressor Solutions

Behbood Farayand Group Provides customers with wide range of pumps such as positive displacement pumps. centrifugal pumps, metering pumps ... for the transfer of liquid and gas products from the leading manufacturers

  • API 61 O. API 685
  • Hot Oil Pump. Chemical Standard Mag Drive Pump
  • Vertical lnline Pump. Hot Water Circulation Pumps
  • Positivedisplacement pump (Rotary. Screw. Reciprocating)
  • Centrifugal pump
  • Diaphragm metering pump
  • Plunger and Piston metering pump



Suppying high performance and low operating cost compressors. air dryers. air filters. lubricants and condensate management products has a key role in our servicesfor our customer's technical demands. Moreover. a broad range of products from world leading manufacturers are in our scope of work.

Various types of Compressors like reciprocating. rotary screw. rotary centrifugal for difference applications can be supplied basedon International Standardssuch as APl-618, APl-614, APl-672, ...

Behbood Farasahel Pars (Blue Behbood)

 Behbood Farasahel Pars Co.(BlueBehbood ) as a subsidiary of BehBood Farayand Control (BFC) group is dedicated to provide solutions in maritime and offshore disciplines by the mean of EPCI+F contractor and supplier.

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